Wilk Elektronik, a European memory manufacturer located in Poland and the owner of Goodram Industrial, announces the first industrial DDR5 memory modules in their offer.

According to Goodram Industrial roadmap for 2022-2023, the official sampling and validation program will start at the begining of Q4 of 2022. However, the Polish manufacturer has already started an internal testing program. So far, Goodram has successfully manufactured DDR5 UDIMMs and SODIMMs with high frequencies of 4800MHz. The new Goodram Industrial DDR5 memory modules will be available in two capacities: 16GB and 32GB and two form factors: UDIMM (288-pin) and SODIMM (262-pin).

Goodram Industrial DDR5 memory modules with fixed bill of materials will be manufactured from carefully selected and rigorously tested industrial quality ICs from the major producers such as Samsung and Hynix.” says Wieslaw Wilk, the CEO of Wilk Elektronik.

Goodram Industrial DDR5 memory modules with a transfer rate of 4800MT/s are 50% faster than the previous generation. Eventually, with the introduction of new computing platforms, Goodram’s modules will increase the transfer rate up to 6400MT/s. Furthermore, DDR5 memory modules require just 1.1V, instead of 1,2V voltage, therefore, customers will be able to save power and reduce heat generation in their embedded solutions. The power consumption has also been reduced by as much as 15% overall. Another significant improvement in DDR5 memory modules is the PMIC technology. PMIC (Power management integrated circuits) transfers the power management from the motherboard to the module, which enables better power regulation, improves signal integrity, and reduces interference. Every DDR5 memory module has a dual-channel DIMM architecture which means that it is split into two independent 32-bit addressable subchannels. Such a solution increases performance and reduces data access latency for the memory controller. The DDR5 data bus width is still 64-bit, however, splitting into two 32-bit addressable channels improves overall performance. An additional technology applied in Goodram Industrial DDR5 memory modules is the ODECC (on-die error-correction code), which makes it possible to correct some errors thus increasing the reliability of the module. Goodram Industrial DDR5 memory modules are dedicated to industrial computing, industrial automation, automotive solutions, home automation, IOT, AI, supercomputing,  and healthcare applications.

Goodram Industrial will present its offer during upcoming Embedded World in Nuremberg (21-23.06.2022)  Visit the booth 1-542 in Hall 1 and learn more about the offer.

About Goodram Industrial

GOODRAM Industrial is a brand of industrial memory manufactured by a Polish manufacturer of computer memories and flash memories, Wilk Elektronik SA, whose factory is located in Poland.

The industrial brand was created out of the need to create reliable and durable memory products for advanced technologies. It includes a series of memory cards, USBs, SSDs and memory modules, used in internal and external industrial applications, often operating in extreme environmental conditions. The manufacturer provides customized memory for customers, which come in line with their expectations and meet their technical requirements. Finished products go hand in hand with service and technical support for business partners. More at www.goodram-industrial.com