Each manufactured memory is functionally tested and verified according to specifications, which ensures reliability of our products and guarantees peace of mind for industrial system designers and their users.

Tests are performed by an in-house laboratory team and R&D department in accordance with global standards, using our own factory-designed testing platforms.

The high level of quality is further supported by specially designed test machines for artificial aging procedures that eliminate early failures that may occur early in the product life cycle. It all comes down to guaranteeing our customers the highest memory reliability throughout their warranty time.


Our cooperation starts with detailed discussion about the client’s needs and the scope of our offer. Based on customer expectations, we prepare dedicated solutions that often go far beyond what is offered as a standard. Our clients are aware that we not only offer products, but also provide professional technical support and deliver the highest quality.

As a response to our clients needs:

  • we create individual product part numbers,
  • we provide data security,
  • we implement dedicated procedures and testing platforms,
  • we adjust the technological process to the client’s needs,
  • we provide validation systems.

The enthusiasm with which we start work allows us to look at each project individually and offer the client solutions that require in-depth specialist knowledge and a large dose of creativity.

We especially value cooperation with clients who allow our engineers and R&D specialists to release layers of non-standard thinking, start brainstorming, test products in extreme conditions and finally present an offer in accordance with the client’s idea and assumption.


The Sales Department provides individual service to each client:

  • pre-sale support, enabling the offer to be adjusted to individual customer needs,
  • comprehensive customer service and ensuring the availability of the specified solution in the long period of time,
  • post-sales support in the area of functional and environmental diagnostics,
  • individual training and consultations.

We are focused on delivering the highest quality products. We understand quality by reliability and meeting customer expectations throughout the specified period of use. It is the main value for us, for which we decided to invest in a modern machine park, diagnostic facilities and to create departments: Laboratory, R&D and Quality Control. A number of successfully completed projects confirms our conviction that the actions taken are right, and each new project is a source of satisfaction for us.

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