§ 1

Wilk Elektronik SA Warranty

  1. Wilk Elektronik S.A. guarantees to the purchaser that the products covered by the warranty will be free from defects, material and implementing faults that had arisen during the manufacturing process and that they are compliant with the specification and are to be used in accordance with their instructions. Should the product be deemed defective or malfunctioning, Wilk Elektronik S.A. shall repair the product or replace it with a product free from defects in accordance with the following terms and conditions of the warranty. The warranty is granted directly to the purchaser of a product from Wilk Elektronik S.A. and is not transferable. Any and all claims related to products that do not meet the conditions of this warranty may be submitted only by an entity that purchased a given product directly at Wilk Elektronik S.A. The end user of the product shall report the complaint at the place of purchase.
  2. Wilk Elektronik SA products from GOODRAM INDUSTRIAL group (FLASH/DRAM/SSD) are covered by a one-year manufacturer’s warranty. It can be extended for a longer period for an additional fee, which is determined individually in each case.
  3. If the sales agreement concerning the supply of specific products specifies the terms and conditions of the purchase, including terms and period of the warranty, in a manner different from this warranty, in this respect the provisions of the agreement that bind Wilk Elektronik S.A. with the purchaser shall prevail.

§ 2

Complaint Handling, Service Conditions

  1. Any and all claims related to products that do not meet the conditions of this warranty may be submitted only by an entity that purchased a given product directly from Wilk Elektronik S.A.
  2. The defective product must be delivered to Wilk Elektronik S.A. Service, hereinafter referred to as the Service, located in the Company’s registered office, in person or via a carrier (e.g. courier). Delivery of the defective product shall take place at the expense of the claimant.
  3. The complaint shall be accepted by the Service on the following conditions:
    a. attaching the list of defective products,
    b. attaching a copy of the purchase document for defective products that were purchased at Wilk Elektronik S.A.,
    c. delivering products with undamaged warranty seals,
    d. delivering complete products as at the time of purchase, i.e. with all components of the set (e.g. Dual Chanel memory – a set of 2 memory modules),
    e. delivering products with removed foreign and additional labels, stickers etc. placed on those products by the claimant,
    f. delivery of the defective products in a brand or antistatic packaging.
  4. In the event of delivering defective products directly to the Service, the Service confirms that the complaint has been accepted by issuing an acceptance document.
  5. In the event of delivering defective products by means of a carrier (forwarder), the Service confirms that the complaint has been accepted by approving the receipt of the shipment at the appropriate carrier.
  1. Wilk Elektronik S.A. reserves that the Service:
    a. shall not issue a duplicate of the aforementioned acceptance document,
    b. shall not be liable for consequences of a loss of the aforementioned document by the person lodging the complaint.
  2. Wilk Elektronik S.A. reserves the right to return the defective products from the Service and send them back to the purchaser at the purchaser’s expense, if:
    a. the purchaser failed to meet the conditions referred to in point 3;
    b. the condition of the parcel differs from how it is described in the attached documents;
    c. the parcel includes goods that were not purchased directly at Wilk Elektronik S.A.;
    d. the complaint has not been recognised.
  3. Clarification of possible inconsistencies should take place within 2 business days from the date of receipt of the defective products by the Service. The return of products referred to in point 7 shall take place within 7 business days from the date of their receipt or within a different period agreed upon with the claimant. Within 2 business days, the claimant may raise objections as to the condition of the defective products received from the Service of Wilk Elektronik S.A. or as to the basis for the return of those products. The two-day period shall be counted from the date of receiving returned products by the claimant (signing the waybill).

§ 3

Warranty Procedure

  1. Wilk Elektronik SA undertakes to replace or repair defective products within 14 business days counted from the date of acceptance of the defective products at the Service of Wilk Elektronik S.A. The exception are all products of brands other than GOODRAM, with respect to which the period of 30 business days applies to repairs or replacement, counted from the date of acceptance of the products subject to a complaint at the Service of Wilk Elektronik S.A. Moreover, due to the specific nature of the Server and Industrial products, the period of handling the complaints may be extended to 30 business days, of which Wilk Elektronik S.A. shall be obliged to inform the person lodging the complaint.
  2. Wilk Elektronik S.A., at its own discretion, shall repair or replace the products found to be defective. The product may be replaced with a new product or a refurbished product of the same model as the defective product. Should it be impossible to exchange the defective product for the same model, it may be replaced with a newer product with the same or better parameters as the faulty model. A refurbished product shall mean a fully operational used product with equivalent functionalities and parameters.
  3. The return of a product from the Service:
    a. to collect the product directly from the Service, it is necessary to produce the original of a document confirming the acceptance of a complaint,
    b. products accepted to the Service are sent back to the claimant’s address via a carrier (forwarder) at the expense of Wilk Elektronik S.A.

§ 4

Loss of Warranty Rights

Loss of the product warranty takes place in the event of:

  1. breaking or damaging warranty seals of Wilk Elektronik S.A.,
  2. unauthorised tampering with the product,
  3. mechanical, chemical, thermal or electrical damage to the product, including those resulting from a malfunction of a computer or power network, intentional or accidental damage to the product,
  4. damage resulting from improper use or use in a manner inconsistent with the manual provided on the manufacturer’s website, storage instruction or installation site.

§ 5

General Provisions

  1. Wilk Elektronik SA is not liable for the loss or damage of data saved on a storage device. In order to protect the stored data from accidental loss, backups on other storage devices should be done regularly.
  2. Wilk Elektronik does not provide recovery services for lost data.
  3. The liability of Wilk Elektronik SA for defects under the warranty is granted only after receiving full payment for the purchased goods.
  4. Products sold by Wilk Elektronik SA are not intended for use as “critical components” in “life maintenance devices or systems” or for other “critical applications”. Life support systems shall mean systems used to support and maintain vital functions, the failure of which may involve a threat to the health or life of a user. “Critical components” shall mean such components the failure of which may cause a failure of life supporting devices and systems or decrease their safety or effectiveness. “Critical applications” shall mean applications posing a potential risk of death, injuries or serious property or environmental damages.
  5. Products should not be used in audio-video devices, in particular in digital and analogue decoders, with the exception of products intended for use in this type of devices.
  6. Any matters not regulated herein shall be governed by generally applicable provisions of the law of the Republic of Poland, including the Civil Code Act of 23 April 1964 (Dz.U. [Journal of Laws] of 2016, item 380, as amended). The liability of Wilk Elektronik S.A. under implied warranty shall be excluded, with the exception of sales made with respect to consumers within the meaning of Article 221 of the Civil Code.
  7. Any disputes arising in connection with the pursuit of claims under the warranty or implied warranty shall be resolved by common courts of the Republic of Poland having jurisdiction over the registered office of Wilk Elektronik SA.
  8. This Warranty does not cover any damages, limitations of functionality or efficiency of products caused by uploading incompatible software by the user.