2.5” SATA is the most common form factor of Solid State Drives. All SSDs can be configured with SLC, pSLC, MLC and 3D TLC NAND Flash. They provide up to 550 MB/s of fast data transfer, low power consumption and advanced power management modes. With ruggedness resulting from absence of moving parts and low power consumption, Solid State Drives are optimal for both desktop and mobile applications.

SSD mSATA is a type of Flash memory that can be installed directly on the motherboard, occupying a small amount of space – it is 80% smaller than the 2.5”. Compatibility with the SATA I, II and III standards means that these devices can be installed in any device having an mSATA port. As with the entire range of SSD memories, the absence of moving parts and low power consumption make it an optimum choice of data storage medium in mobile systems.

M.2 is another type of SSD with SATA interface. It provides up to 550 MB/s data transfer speeds. M.2 SATA Solid State Drive can be installed directly onto motherboard. It can be configured with pSLC and MLC NAND and PCB can be delivered in two sizes: 42 x 22 mm and 80 x 22 mm. Small footprint, lack of moving parts and low power consumption make M.2 SATA SSD a great solution for mobile applications.
Other form factors (2260, 22110) available upon request.