§ 1

Wilk Elektronik SA Warranty

  1. Wilk Elektronik SA warrants to the purchaser that the products covered by the warranty will be free from defects, defects in material and workmanship, arising during the manufacturing process, and that they meet the stated specifications and are suitable for use in accordance with their instructions.
    In the event that a product is found to be defective or malfunctioning, Wilk Elektronik SA will repair the product or replace it with a defect-free product in accordance with the warranty terms below. The warranty is provided to the direct purchaser of the product from Wilk Elektronik SA and is not transferable. Any claims for products that do not meet the terms of this warranty can only be made by the entity that purchased the product directly from Wilk Elektronik SA, The end user claims the product at the place of purchase.
  2. GOODRAM INDUSTRIAL FLASH memory modules are covered by a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.
  3. GOODRAM INDUSTRIAL DRAM memory modules are covered by a three-year manufacturer’s warranty.
  4. GOODRAM INDUSTRIAL SSDs are covered by a three-year manufacturer’s warranty limited by the TBW* parameter, whichever condition is met first.
  5. It is possible to extend the warranty for a longer period for an additional fee, which is determined on a case-by-case basis.
  6. The warranty is valid from the date of purchase.
  7. If the sales contract for the supply of certain products specifies the terms and conditions of purchase, including the terms and period of the warranty, in a manner different from this warranty, in this regard, the provisions of the contract linking Wilk Elektronik SA with the purchaser shall take precedence.* TBW (Total Bytes Written) – the endurance of SSD drives, a parameter that determines the maximum amount of data that can be written to the device until the warranty expires. The TBW parameter is specified in the technical data of the SSD product.

§ 2

Execution of claims, service conditions

  1. Any claims relating to products that do not meet the terms of this warranty may be filed only by the entity that purchased the product directly from Wilk Elektronik SA.
  2. The product subject to a complaint must be delivered to the Wilk Elektronik SA Service Center, hereinafter referred to as the Service Center, located at the Company’s headquarters, either in person or via a carrier (e.g. courier). Delivery of the advertised product shall be at the expense of the complainant.
  3. The condition for acceptance of a complaint to the Service is:
    a. attach an inventory of the advertised products,
    b. to attach a copy of the document of purchase of the advertised products in Wilk Elektronik SA
    c. to provide the advertised products with undamaged warranty seals,
    d. to provide products in the set in which it was purchased, i.e. with all elements of the set (e.g. Dual Chanel type memory – a set of 2 memory modules),
    e. delivery of the advertised products with removed foreign and additional labels, stickers, etc. applied to the products by the advertiser,
    f. delivery of advertised products in factory packaging or in anti-static packaging.
  4. In the case of direct delivery of the claimed products to the Service, the Service shall confirm acceptance of the claim by issuing an acceptance document.
  5. In the case of delivery of the claimed products via a carrier (freight forwarder), the Service confirms acceptance of the complaint by approving receipt of the shipment at the relevant carrier.
  6. Wilk Elektronik SA stipulates that the Service:
    a. does not issue a duplicate of the aforementioned acceptance document,
    b. is not responsible for the consequences of loss of the above-mentioned document by the claimant.
  7. Wilk Elektronik SA reserves the right to return the advertised products from the Service and send them back to the purchaser at his expense if:
    a. the purchaser has not complied with the conditions listed in Section 3;
    b. the condition of the shipment deviates from that described in the attached documents;
    c. the shipment contains goods not purchased directly from Wilk Elektronik SA
    d. the complaint has not been recognized.
  8. Clarification of any discrepancies should take place within 2 working days, counting from the date of receipt by the Service of the products for complaint. Return of the claimed products referred to in Section 7 will take place within 7 working days from the date of their receipt, or at any other time if such has been agreed with the complainant. Within 2 working days, the complainant may raise objections to the state of the complaint sent back to him by Service Wilk Elektronik SA or the grounds for returning the products. The two-day period is counted from the date of receipt by the complainant of the return of the products after the complaint (his signature on the bill of lading).

§ 3

Realization of the warranty

  1. Wilk Elektronik SA agrees to replace or repair the faulty products within 14 working days from the date of receipt of the faulty products by Wilk Elektronik SA Service. Due to the specific nature of industrial products, the period for considering complaints in their case may be extended to 30 working days, of which Wilk Elektronik SA Service is obliged to inform the complainant.
  2. Wilk Elektronik SA, at its discretion, will repair or replace the advertised products considered defective. Replacement of the product may be made for a new product or a remanufactured product of the same model as the advertised product. If it is not possible to exchange the advertised product for a product of the same model, the exchange may be made for a newer generation product with the same or better parameters as the model of the advertised product. Reconditioned product is understood to be a used product with full efficiency, with equivalent functionality and parameters.
  3. Return of the product from the Service:
    a. the condition for direct collection of the product from the Service is the presentation of the original document of acceptance for complaint,
    b. return of products accepted for Service to the address of the complainant through the carrier (forwarder) is at the expense of Wilk Elektronik SA

§ 4

Loss of Warranty Rights

The product warranty is forfeited if:

  1. breaking or damaging of Wilk Elektronik SA’s warranty seals,
  2. unauthorized interference with the product,
  3. mechanical, chemical, thermal or electrical damage to the product, including that resulting from a computer or power grid failure, intentional or accidental damage to the product,
  4. damage resulting from improper use or use contrary to the instructions on the manufacturer’s website, storage or installation instructions.

§ 5

General provisions

  1. Wilk Elektronik SA is not responsible for loss of or damage to data stored on a medium. In order to protect saved data from accidental loss, it is necessary to make regular backups of such data on other memory carriers.
  2. Wilk Elektronik does not provide services for the recovery of lost data.
  3. Wilk Elektronik SA’s liability for defects under the warranty is honored only if full payment for the purchased goods is made.
  4. Products sold by Wilk Elektronik SA are not intended for use as „critical components“ in „life support equipment or systems“ or for other „critical applications“. Life-support systems are understood to be systems that are used to support and sustain life activities, the failure of which may entail a threat to the health or life of the user. „Critical components“ are those whose failure may entail the failure of life support equipment and systems or a decrease in their level of safety or efficiency. „Critical applications“ are those that carry a potential risk of death, injury or serious damage to property or the environment.
  5. Do not use the products in audio-video equipment, especially digital and analog set-top boxes except for products that are intended for use in such equipment.
  6. In all matters not regulated herein, the provisions of the generally applicable laws of the Republic of Poland, including the Act of April 23, 1964 – Civil Code (Journal of Laws of 2016, item 380, as amended) shall apply. Wilk Elektronik SA’s liability under warranty is excluded, except for sales made to consumers within the meaning of 221 of the Civil Code.
  7. Any disputes arising in connection with the assertion of claims under the warranty or product warranty shall be submitted to the common courts of the Republic of Poland having jurisdiction over the registered office of Wilk Elektronik SA.
  8. This Warranty does not cover any damage, limitation of functionality or performance of the products caused by the uploading of incompatible software by the user.
Special Warranty Service

Wilk Elektronik SA provides a Special Warranty Service which eliminates the need to send defective or damaged items back to Wilk Elektronik SA to carry out the RMA process. The special maintenance service covers all Goodram Industrial drive models.

The special Service may be used by any entity in the sales chain or by an institutional end-user or an individual on the basis of the delivery of the following documents to: serwis@goodram.com:

  • A copy of the product invoice
  • RMA form with problem description
  • a photography of the front and back of the product

For more details on the Special Warranty Service please contact us at: serwis@goodram.com.


Update: 15.06.2023.