Polish memory manufacturer, Wilk Elektronik, announces the expansion of its line of DDR5 memory modules for the industrial sector. The speed of 5600 MHz guarantees even higher performance for industrial applications, increasing their computing power and the stability of the overall chip.

Goodram Industrial, a European computer memory brand celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, specialises in the production and development of DRAM memory modules for the industrial sector. The brand’s range includes both early generations of industrial memory – those still used in legacy industrial applications – and the latest DDR5 solutions. The manufacturer has announced the addition of further speeds to the range of the latter. Thus, modules with 4800 MHz parameters based on Samsung brand components are being joined by solutions with 5600 MHz speeds, and the manufacturer is expanding its portfolio of base components with Hynix brand solutions.

Goodram Industrial DDR5 memory modules with a transfer speed of 5600 MHz offer as much as 50% faster data transfer compared to previous memory generations. In addition to speed, DDR5 technology supports higher capacity modules, allowing more RAM to be installed in a single system. This is beneficial for memory-intensive applications such as virtual machines or databases. An undeniable advantage of the new generation of industrial memory is the energy efficiency, which is reduced by 15 per cent compared to older technological solutions. Goodram Industrial’s DDR5 modules operate at 1.1 V, which saves energy and reduces the operating temperature of devices. Low power consumption translates into lower operating costs for large industrial installations. This is particularly important for data centres and other RAM-intensive applications. The technologies used in DDR5 represent significant innovations that have an undeniable impact on improving the security and stability of the chip. Some of the most significant include PMIC (Power Management Integrated Circuit) technology, which transfers power control from the motherboard to the module, allowing for better power management and reducing interference. In addition, Goodram Industrial DDR5 memory modules use ODECC (On-Die Error Correction Code) technology, which enables error correction to improve module reliability.

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