M1000 GEN. 2

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DDR5 Industrial Memory Modules

New 5600 MHz frequencies on offer

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Goodram server RAM modules

where reliability and stability
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Goodram Industrial announces

DDR5 industrial memory modules

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Goodram Industrial

Memory Expert

Industrial solutions for the most demanding

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Industrial applications

Discover the range of applications of our products

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Our products

We create memory

We are a Polish producer of computer memory and flash. Our knowledge is supported by over 30 years of experience in distribution and sales, and since 2003, the production of memories bearing the logo of our own brand. As a manufacturer, we provide top-class, reliable industrial memory designed to operate in systems where the quantity and stability of operation is a key element. We are proud that our memories work reliably. For you. For your business.

Our production capacity

The most modern production line

Endurance and operational reliability are the key features of memory and devices used in industrial applications. In order to provide products that meet the highest world standards, we constantly invest in the development of our specialists’ competences and reliable production facilities including one of the most modern SMT lines in Europe. Find out more about the production process of GOODRAM and GOODRAM Industrial computer memories.

Our advantages

European standards

We are the only producer of computer memory in Central and Eastern Europe. Since 2003, we have been providing consumer memory of the world-known GOODRAM brand, gaming solutions signed with the IRDM logo, and finally specialized industrial solutions of the GOODRAM Industrial brand, addressed to industrial solutions.

Our advantages

Over 30 years of experience

The narrow specialization and over 30 years of experience, makes us an expert in our field. Our own production facilities and test center, know-how based on knowledge and experience allowed us to introduce a brand of specialized and industrial products to our portfolio.

Our advantages

Comprehensive support

The specificity of our brand is that cooperation is based not only on the sale of products, but also on the provision of comprehensive technical support at every stage of cooperation. Our specialists begin cooperation with the client at the design stage, which allows for optimization and possible improvement of solutions, giving each cooperation an individual character.

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