As in other areas of life and technology, miniaturisation has not escaped server solutions. Continuously declining computers and components and mobile technologies are generating increased market demand for SODIMM format memory. Following increased demand for mobile solutions, Polish computer memory manufacturer Wilk Elektronik announces the expansion of its portfolio of server solutions under the Goodram Enterprise introduces server SODIMM DDR4 modules to its offer.

The main distinguishing feature of GOODRAM SODIMM DDR4 memory modules is the use of ECC technology (Error Correction Code). Memory modules based on ECC technology have an additional chip for each rank module. This arrangement does not increase the capacity of the entire module. Its task is to verify the data transferred between the memory module and the memory controller in the processor. When the RAM chips are read, the data is verified against the checksum stored for it.  If the data matches the checksum it is sent back to the CPU. If there is a data mismatch, the data is corrected with the checksum and then it is returned to the CPU. ECC technology therefore significantly increases the stability and reliability of the memory modules, which is crucial for the continuous operation of the modules in servers.

GOODRAM SODIMM DDR4 ECC memory modules are available in capacities ranging from 4 GB to up to 32 GB and feature speeds of 2666 MHz, 2933 MHz and 3200 MHz.

Each model of a device may have a different specification, and the selection of appropriate memory modules has a very significant impact on the performance of the entire equipment,“ emphasises Wiesław Wilk, President of Wilk Elektronik SA – what is important, therefore, is that as a manufacturer we offer both ready-made solutions and ‚tailor-made‘ solutions for our customers.

Wilk Elektronik, European manufacturer of consumer and industrial memory products of the brand Goodram brand, bases its competitive advantage on local character and the ability to cooperate with customers for whom orders from technology giants are unattainable due to the size of the order or its individual nature. It is these characteristics that are key to building the Polish company’s market position. For several years, Wilk Elektronik SA has been successfully supplying specialised memory solutions to the European industrial and enterprise and in 2023 is setting its sights on developing and strengthening its position as a European memory manufacturer and supplier.